Tips For Moving House – a complete checklist

August 29, 2018 · · General · Comments Off on Tips For Moving House – a complete checklist

There are so many things to organise when moving house and it’s no surprise that most people find the experience overwhelming. With our already busy lifestyles and endless factors to address in preparation for a move, it is imperative to plan ahead. Our tips for moving house aim to provide strategies which can help this planning process, as well as offer services to assist your move, should you require help to alleviate some of the burden. Read more

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Succession Planning & Enduring Power of Attorney

July 16, 2012 · · General · 0 Comments

Succession planning has always interested me.  I am not a legal eagle nor do I work in the legal field.  However, Classic Moves does have an association with the legal fraternity when we are engaged to assist with property or estate clearances.

Succession planning put simply means ensuring you have organised or documented your instructions for either you to manage until death or that you have nominated a responsible person to take charge of your decision making in the advent that you are no longer able. Read more

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