Relocation Specialist team

Doing business with Abbeys Group during COVID-19 restrictions

Classic Moves, as a division of Abbeys Group, continues to operate during COVID-19 restrictions because we provide important services for clients in compliance with the Victorian Government guidelines for Authorised Business Activities. 

This includes:

  • relocation and moving house services to support our clients with a contractual obligation such as a settlement date or end of lease

  • operation of an online auction service to buyers & sellers, and

  • contactless collection and delivery of goods including “click and collect”.

Safety is at the top of our list

Your safety and that of our team is most important to us. We have a detailed COVID-Safe plan and our professional team members are trained to operate under strict protocols.

About testing

We have a zero tolerance for any team member presenting to work with even the mildest of symptoms or if they have been advised of a potential adverse exposure. We support them during test periods and require a negative test before they return to work.

About Vaccinations

Our policy is that every Abbeys Group team member must achieve double vaccination as soon as possible. We understand that particularly for our younger team members this will take a few more months to achieve given the long wait lists in Victoria at present – however we actively support and encourage early vaccination.

What to expect when we are at your property

A dedicated COVID Marshall will be responsible for managing COVID at our business and each location and field team will carry a unique QR Code issued by the Victorian Government.

Our team will:

  • wear masks at all times, and follow hygiene guidelines
  • be mindful of social distancing and will aim to keep at least 1.5m between us
  • enforce room density limits of 1 person per 4m3 with a maximum of 5 people on small sites
  • during lockdowns and high risk periods, please understand that we will restrict access to our building so that our team can continue to support our customers safely.
  • All deliveries or collections will be contactless, wherever possible.

We may provide your services with a smaller than usual team over several days in order to ensure we can maintain distancing and density limits at your home.

What we require from you – visiting your property

  • Just prior to your service, we will ask you to confirm that you have not been in recent contact with a person with COVID-19, are not in isolation awaiting a test result, or have not recently been in a COVID exposure site without returning a negative covid test. We’ll also ask you to disclose anything else that may impact on our capacity to safely conduct your work.
  • We’ll ask you and any others in the property to “check in” by scanning our QR code prior to us commencing work.
  • The COVID Marshall may advise you and others to step into another room so that we can maintain density limits, particularly in confined working spaces.
  • Once we’re underway, you may like to consider waiting elsewhere so that our team can move safely throughout your property and complete your work as quickly as possible.