Sue embraced the downsizing experience as an opportunity to curate her belongings and intentionally shape her new lifestyle.


Meet Sue, a vibrant and active retiree who made the decision to downsize from her two-bedroom home into a serviced retirement community. Sue was excited to make a fresh start, let go of what no longer served her and begin her next chapter with furniture that would better suit the modern space she was moving into. She had travelled extensively, acquiring an impressive collection of high-quality items and a number of belongings that had sentimental value.

Auction solution

Sue knew from the outset that she wanted to sell many of her belongings prior to her move, and she was intrigued by the auction model offered by Classic Moves sister company, Abbeys Auctions. The concept of entrusting her furniture and smaller items to a single entity that could handle both the logistics of moving and the sale of her belongings resonated. After creating an inventory of what she wanted to keep and assessing her future living arrangements, she made a list of every item she wanted to consign to auction and reached out to Classic Moves for a free in-home assessment. When relocation consultant, Annette, attended Sue’s home for the first time, she was surprised by the remarkable progress she had already made. ‘Meeting a client for the first time usually means helping them to part with treasured possessions and sort items for auction, but due to Sue’s highly organised and practical nature, we were able to forge straight past that step and work with the auction team to decide what could be sold.’

Letting go with grace

Goods selected for auction were packed and collected by team members well before Sue’s departure date to avoid any disorder or confusion on moving day. Most notably, Sue had a large collection of estate jewellery inherited from her mother that held deep sentimental value and required careful handling. In all, more than 50 items were transported to the auction rooms for preparation prior to auction. It can often be an emotional experience to witness time-honoured possessions being taken away, as this stage can represent a ‘point of no return’ for many downsizers. For Sue, taking the initiative and proactively making tough decisions herself alleviated some of the discomfort. ‘Working in the legal profession for many years has given me a very pragmatic outlook. Once I decided to seize the opportunity while there were vacancies at the village, I found it easy to let go of possessions and allow new people to enjoy them.’

Embracing change

By choosing Classic Moves, Sue gained not only logistical support but also peace of mind, knowing that so many good quality items she no longer had room for would find new homes with people who appreciated them as much as she did. Furthermore, the profits realised from auctioning these items more than offset her relocation costs. With the proceeds from the auction, Sue was able to comfortably transition into her new home and enjoy its lifestyle benefits without the lingering chore of selling her goods one by one online or through garage sales. ‘I’m extremely glad I made the call to Classic Moves for my relocation,’ Sue recounts. ‘As a highly organised person, I appreciate the order provided by their service, and the simplicity and ease of selling items at auction.’  In this way, Sue eased the emotional and practical burdens of downsizing while making room for furnishings more suited to her new, modern surroundings. Through her partnership with Classic Moves, Sue was able to honour her past while welcoming a new chapter in her life with confidence and grace.

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