Our CEO, Amanda Brook, was recently featured in a fabulous article. Titled “Downsizing….without upping your stress”, the article was focused on the retirement community Pavilions Blackburn Lake and a workshop that the team at Classic Moves will be presenting in August.

We’ll be providing advice on the decision making and practical work that’s involved in downsizing to retirement living at Pavilions Blackburn Lake. A huge thank you to the team at Pavilions Blackburn Lake for the opportunity to speak about downsizing and how we help.

Here’s a transcript of some of the article:

“At retirement, there can be many reasons to move. Downsizing into something smaller to have a more relaxed, low-maintenance lifestyle, freeing up some equity in the family home to create opportunities to travel, and a desire to be part of a community can all be motivating factors.

Regardless of the reason, when it comes to moving out of the family home there is an issue everyone faces – what do you do with all your stuff?

Amanda Brook is the CEO of Classic Moves, downsizing experts who assist Victorians with the often overwhelming task of relocating. In her considerable experience, she says people often have difficulty visualising how they will move a ‘lifetime of possessions in a large house to much smaller accommodation.’

Emotional connection, as many items are imbued with memories, can be part of that; however, for downsizers, it can often be the practical reality of moving that is most aunting ‘because they’ve not had to consider it before’, explains Brook.

When people have lived in the one property for several decades, moving house is part of the distant past.

‘They don’t have a repertoire of support services or suppliers, or even know people that know how to go about it,’ says Brook.

‘It’s a big project for people, particularly if you’re older. Sometimes if you’re on your own, or you’ve got a partner with failing health the size of the project, and the lack of any sort of idea as to where to start or who to ask for help, is a challenge”.

‘There’s beautiful facilities at Pavilions and the apartments are a lovely size,’ says Brook. To make the most of this, she says “its about getting the right advice early;, which is precisely what the workshops will provide. We’ll advise on the decision making and… the actual practical work, which will enhance your ability to arrive smoothly, less stressed and less worn out by the time you get to your new place”.

If you’d like some more information about the workshops we hold, or would like to chat to a Consultant about your unique situation – give us a call! 1300 738 035