Do I have to pack all my food / pantry items?2021-04-17T14:53:27+00:00

No, we can do this all for you.  One of our team members will visit on the day of the move to pack any perishable items and make sure that these are kept cold for the duration of the move.

Do you bring all items required for packing my items?2021-04-17T15:00:13+00:00

Yes! All packing and materials are supplied, and the members of our team are trained in how to sensitively and securely pack and unpack your belongings.

What happens if something breaks?2021-05-26T02:59:47+00:00

Whilst we do our very best to make sure it doesn’t happen, it’s important to note that certain items are not built to be moved and sometimes they do break. However, your goods are insured whilst in our care so you can rest assured we will work to repair or replace an item if damaged in transit. To prevent this from happening our team are experienced and come prepared with the packaging materials needed to protect your belongings.

What do I do with the things I don’t want to take with me, or won’t fit into my new home?2021-04-17T15:01:47+00:00

Your Relocation Specialist will work with you to ensure that you will fit comfortably into your new home. Then they will make a plan for what is left behind – we can deliver items to family members, arrange goods to be sold at auction, reused by others through a charity donation or responsibly disposed of.

What’s the difference between a relocation specialist and a removalist?2021-04-17T15:02:21+00:00

A Classic Moves Relocation Specialist will plan your move with you and manage the whole process, coordinating any service providers, including the removalists, so that your transition to your new home is smooth one.  A removalist by contrast, will only assist with a small part of the process, transporting your goods on uplift day.

The Relocation Specialist will even be on call after your move to assist with any adjustments or questions you may have.

How do i know what to sell?2021-04-17T15:03:31+00:00
  • The goods must be of monetary value. You can contact Classic Moves on 1300 738 035 and a consultant will be able to give you some guidance.
  • Other alternatives to sell items are via eBay and Gumtree.
  • All auction forums either live auction or electronic platforms will charge fees commissions for selling your items.
How do i know what to donate?2021-04-17T15:03:54+00:00
  • Charity want goods that are fit for purpose and are in working order.
  • Soiled and broken goods will not be accepted.
  • Due to limited space they may also not be able to take larger furniture pieces.
How do i know what to tip?2021-04-17T15:04:33+00:00
  • Any items that are not accepted by the other options above.
  • A final important note to remember the day before the packers arrive, is to ensure that all your vital, personal items such as valuables, medication, keys, passports, remotes are held securely, either by yourselves, family member or trusted person/s.
  • If you adopt this downsizing plan, take action and clear out your home ready for the movers, then packing will be easier, moving will be quicker, and unpacking on the other end will be more pleasurable.
The size of the task is overwhelming, where do I start?2021-05-26T12:30:56+00:00

Our recommended first step is to consider what you want to keep, and then sort the rest into what can be sold, donated, or recycled/disposed.  This is often an emotional and daunting process which can be very difficult to start.  It is recommended that you seek some professional help at the outset; often it’s hard to know what items could be sold, and what should be donated or disposed of, so get a professional in early to help you decide.  Have a look at our blog for handy hints and tips for different areas of the household.

What do I do with the things that I can’t take with me?2021-05-26T12:31:50+00:00

There are a few ways to move on your unwanted items, such as selling, donating or giving them away. Your Classic Moves consultant will be able to provide advice on the types of items selling in the current market and which items should be donated to charity.  If you have a lot of surplus items to deal with we can also arrange for a valuer from Abbeys Auctions to visit your home and provide an appraisal of the goods that can be sold.  Together we can put together a total solution of the items not moving with you.

What if something goes wrong?2021-05-26T12:32:25+00:00

Moving is a complex process with many moving parts.  Classic Moves are experts in relocation, meaning that we plan your move with you and manage the whole process.  Whilst we can’t promise that things will go perfectly to plan, we will do our very best to make sure your move is as smooth as it can be.

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