When it comes to thinking about moving house, it’s understandable the thought can lead to audible groans. When you’ve been living in the same place for years, sometimes decades, the idea of packing up and moving all those family heirlooms can feel like an insurmountable task.

People often start by thinking getting a removalist will help solve the main task of moving items from A to B. While this is important, what is often neglected are all the other costs that may not be financial in nature but take a toll in other ways.

This is what is known as the iceberg effect of DIY relocations.

It’s easy to see the obvious costs of moving – hire a skip for rubbish, buy some boxes, hire the removalist – but there are many more costs that sit below the visible surface. More comprehensive home moving services could be a smart move.

Physical Cost:

Moving is hard work. Packing items into boxes, moving boxes into different areas to get to different places only to do it all again at the other end in reverse. Not to mention the items that are heaved into a car to go to a donation point and others that are lifted into a trailer and endless trips to the tip, only to realise that there’s still all the cleaning to go!

Emotional Cost:

Bringing items that have been tucked away in cupboards out into the open can sometimes open up old memories and bring emotions to the surface.  This can make it really tough to decide what to do with some things – do you keep them, or do you let them go?  This can be a real block for people when it comes to moving, slowing down the process and making it more challenging.

Sometimes getting the family to help can be more emotional and require more organising than if you do it yourself.

When you are downsizing, a general rule of thumb is that you should plan to take only about 30% of your possessions with you.  It’s the things you leave behind that are often hardest to manage when it comes to moving – how you plan to get rid of these things takes time and effort, particularly if you plan to sell these items yourself.

Mental Cost:

There are so many things to think about! Handling the logistics, time management, and planning can really take its toll. Our advice is to start early and don’t leave it until it’s too late. Writing a list is the best way to start. Don’t forget things like notifying utilities, arranging redirection of mail, managing multiple providers, and organising any utility connections for your new place.

Financial Cost: 

All of the above costs can impact in a financial way.  For example, if you run out of time, you may end up throwing out or donating items that may have some value.  Talking to an expert ahead of time will give you an indication of whether any items you no longer need could be sold at public auction and give you some cash in return – a nice way to reduce those costs of moving.

Not arranging the connection of utilities at your new abode can be costly exercises if you have to re-book or organise an urgent connection.  Having someone to help plan your move and managing multiple suppliers takes the strain away.

Avoid the iceberg effect and call-in professional help.

This is where Classic Moves comes in.  Classic Moves’ caring relocation management team can help you plan your move from start to finish and provide you with peace of mind (and save your back!).  A relocation consultant will visit you in your home, free of charge, to discuss your unique requirements.  Their 5-step approach will ensure all the bases are covered and you have a team of experts to lean on if things get tough.  Support is provided 7 days a week until you have completely moved into your new home.

Classic Moves aim to make sure that you – and your possessions – are transitioned to new lives as hassle-free as possible.  Whether your possessions go with you or find their way into other people’s homes via sale at public auction or donation means that you know your once-loved items are getting a second chance and staying out of landfill.

Most importantly, you will arrive smoothly and safely into your new home so that you can get on with your exciting new life.

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