Here is a comprehensive step by step moving house checklist, which will allow you to systematically plan your move, no matter where you are in Australia. Our checklist begins 1 month before your moving date, however you can start planning even earlier if you wish!

1 Month before moving house

  • Put together an inventory of all your belongings, keeping records of any items with scratches or cracks.
  • Check in the garage, under the house, in the crawl space and any other spots that may be overlooked.
  • Make a separate list of your most sentimental belongings, valuables and crucial documents that you want to transport yourself during the move.
  • Get rid of everything that you don’t need. Dispose of unwanted items in rubbish or recycling. For good quality items look to donate to charity or sell at public auction.
  • Confirm with your agent or solicitor the date of settlement and time at which you can pick up the keys to the new property. This will allow you to plan a suitable moving date.
  • Lock in a quality removalist company. Determine the size of truck needed based on the items are you moving – the company will be able to advise on this. Be sure to get a written quote for the costs.
  • Measure the spaces in your new home (including entrances) to ensure that bigger items will fit through doors, and in their allocated spaces.
  • Organise Home and Contents Insurance for your new home.
  • Redirect or cancel newspaper and other subscriptions.
  • Contact all relevant companies to update your mailing address details. Consider setting up a temporary redirection to avoid losing any mail.
  • Return any rented or borrowed items.
  • Go through your pantry, throw out any expired items and start planning meals with remaining food. Plan meals with items that are in your freezer.
  • Organise storage for items if required.
  • Book a hard rubbish collection with your local Council.
  • Book a cleaner and organise a property inspection (if renting).
  • Empty any gas cylinders and dispose of any flammable liquids.

2 weeks before moving house

  • If the moving day falls on a day you would normally work make sure you organise time off.
  • Contact your internet provider to switch your connection from the old home to the new home.
  • Update your drivers’ license and car registration with VIC Roads and notify the electoral office of your new address.
  • Arrange final readings of electricity and gas meters. Call utilities providers to switch your services to the new address.
  • Book a locksmith to change your keys for the new home on the day of the move.
  • Fill any prescriptions that you require for the week on either side of the move.
  • Pickup dry cleaning and collect any items that have been sent for repair.
  • Disassemble any large items outside including shed, play equipment and portable clothesline.
  • Create a DIY Kit to use during the move. This should include Allen keys, Stanley knife, a screwdriver, hooks, tape, hammer and nails.


1 week before moving house

  • Create a list of each room in the new house and plan the placement of furniture to advise removalists. Have your colour coded boxes also on this list.
  • Move all indoor plants into plastic lined boxes and give them a light water.
  • Backup your computers onto an external hard drive.
  • Put aside clean sheets, pillow cases and towels to be used on the night of your move.
  • Contact the removalist to confirm the moving day details and make sure they have all your correct contact information.

The night before moving house

  • Pack an overnight bag that contains the items you will carry with you on moving day.
  • Empty out your fridge and defrost the freezer. Give it a good wipe down and leave doors open. Organise esky and ice to transport perishables.
  • Unplug and tie up cords for your appliances. (if not attached to the appliance, look to put these in your “Critical Items” box.
  • Say goodbye to your current neighbours. The ones you like, at least!
  • Keep your essential items for that night and the next morning in a place that is easily accessible.
  • Get a good night’s rest.


Moving day!

  • Ensure your Critical Items and Immediate Items boxes are both easily accessible.
  • Put aside all other belongings you are carrying yourself and don’t want packed onto the removalist truck.
  • Give the moving company your room list with furniture plan and box colour chart.
  • Tick off all items/boxes as they are loaded into the moving truck.
  • Do a thorough check of all rooms, cupboards and outdoor areas in your existing home in case any items have been overlooked.
  • Turn off the power, lock all doors and windows.
  • Return all sets of keys to the current agent.

At the new house:

  • Inspect all rooms and fixtures to ensure they are in suitable condition.
  • Ensure that all utilities are connected and that the hot water is switched on.
  • Crosscheck your list to make sure all items are unloaded from the removalist truck and placed in the appropriate rooms.
  • Check all the new keys to make sure they are working in the locks.
  • Assemble the beds and make them as soon as possible – the longer it goes the more effort it will be!
  • Give children and pets any special toys to make them feel at home.
  • Pop the champagne and settle in to your new dwelling!

Download a PDF Version of this checklist

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