Moving into aged care living or moving from one facility to another? Make your move with peace of mind, using a professional relocation service for seniors.

Classic Moves provides a comprehensive, personalised moving service, sensitive to the needs of seniors on the move. For aged care facilities that are looking to close down, refurbish or relocate, we can also manage the entire relocation of all aged care residents.

Services to help you transition

  • Free assessment with the client, family member or nominated representative overseeing the aged care relocation.
  • Space planning to ensure your furniture and possessions fit nicely into the room.
  • Carefully sorting and packing your goods.
  • Supervising the move of items into the aged care facility.
  • Communicating with the facility manager to confirm moving times.
  • Unpack, put away your belongings and make up a fresh bed.
  • Position your chosen furniture and possessions to ensure a safe working environment for you and the staff.

Selecting the right Aged Care & Retirement Facility

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the aged care industry means that we can refer you to reputable Aged Care Placement Agencies who will be able to assist you to select the right facility for you or your family member.

Who uses Classic Moves for Aged Care Relocations?

  • Aged Care Facilities who need to relocate many residents temporarily or permanently.
  • Those who hold Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) for frail aged people.
  • Solicitors, Administrators and Trust companies.
  • Family members who care for frail aged parents.
  • Community Services Providers and Case Managers.
  • Aged Care Placement agencies.

To find out more, please call Classic Moves on 1300 738 035 to talk to our friendly team or enquire online.