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Excellent service – in particular by the extremely capable, efficient and lovely Helen Hannan & the staff undertaking the packing and unpacking process – for my 81 year old mum moving into a small apartment. Thank you to Helen in particular for her kindness, understanding and patience during a very stressful process.” – Meg


Moving house after 74 years in the one place was very daunting but the guys and gals from Classic Moves made it so easy for me. They were so professional but at the same time extremely understanding. I didn’t have a thing to worry about on moving day. I highly recommend their services to anyone intending on moving.” – Denise


As the last member of the family it was up to me to move my parents home into my tiny apartment… Classic moves handled everything, auctioning the valuable items that I had no room for, packing everything with great care to be sent to my place or to storage, and sending to charity anything else that could be of use to others, they even made a special trip to donate some white goods to a friend in need. They are good people, very supportive in a difficult time. It would have taken me three months to do this alone, let alone during stage 4 of the lockdown in Melbourne. They are a class act.” – Jo


We employed Classic Moves recently when my father moved to a nursing home.

They moved furniture and household items to the nursing home, the homes of family members, Abbeys Auctions and charities. Throughout the process the whole team were friendly, professional and helpful. I highly recommend Classic Moves.” – Jennifer

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