Joy and her husband made the huge decision to downsize from their family home to a smaller apartment.  They didn’t really want to transition from their house directly into aged care and felt this was a great option for them whilst they were still mobile and fully independent.

Once they’d made the decision to move, they started decluttering; a daunting task, but a necessary one! The double garage had cupboards filled with items they knew that they didn’t need; in fact some items were found still in their packaging. This is often a step that is missed because of the emotional attachment people have with items, so to find a client that had already commenced their decluttering journey was extremely refreshing.

The next step was to find an apartment. This was quite quickly achieved by the couple’s daughter. It was a low-rise apartment building with only 30 apartments and 80% owner occupied, which ticked all their boxes. The selling point, however, was that the apartment was less than a 5-minute walk to their daughter’s house!

After finding Classic Moves online, they found the concept of a full-service relocation was exactly what they were after. After moving some 30 years prior, there was no way they wanted to go through the process of packing, moving and unpacking on their own.

Classic Moves Relocation Consultant Annette with Joy on her new balcony.

Addressing their unique requirements

Classic Moves Relocation Consultant, Annette, first met with the couple to discuss their unique situation, which included getting an understanding of the number of items they needed to move, and the floor space they were moving to.  “We felt very comfortable with Annette, and she even organised people from Abbeys Auctions to value the items we couldn’t keep”.

A proposal was then tailored to address all the aspects of the move – including considerations for using the lifts and loading bays in the apartment, advice on items to be sold at auction and of course, ensuring that there was support provided at each stage.

Letting go of sentimental items

Our packing team offered emotional support and encouragement to help navigate the process of decluttering and parting with sentimental items. This was made easier by sending some items to Abbeys Auctions to sell via public auction and donating others to charity.

It was much easier to let go of items when we knew they were going to good homes, and not just disposed of without a care. We had come to the stage where we had had items for so long and enjoyed them, that even though they were expensive, they have depreciated over the years, so it was time to let go”.

Through careful planning and organisation, Classic Moves ensured that the new apartment was efficiently arranged with familiar pieces, allowing the clients to comfortably settle in without feeling overwhelmed by the smaller space.

Everything that was packed in the family home was unpacked back in the same furniture: even the pantry was unpacked in the same style as it was laid out in the previous home.

The packing team, led by Joy and her team of “Lovely Ladies” brought their extensive knowledge and experience to the project, ensuring that every aspect of the move was meticulously planned and executed. Further, the transport team exhibited professionalism and a can-do attitude. They handled the physical aspects of the move with precision and care.

Enjoying a clutter-free home

Joy and her husband have now successfully transitioned to their new apartment and are embracing their new, clutter-free living space.

The support from Classic Moves significantly reduced our stress associated with not only the downsizing and relocating, but also in the knowledge that the items we could not bring with us were going to go to good homes too!

By addressing the emotional, logistical, and organisational aspects of moving to a smaller space, Classic Moves played a pivotal role in helping Joy and her husband comfortably settle into their new apartment, making the transition a positive and memorable experience.