Transitioning from a spacious family home to retirement living after so many years living in one place can seem overwhelming. Bridget’s experience with Classic Moves proves that with careful planning and a compassionate approach, what could have been a dreaded chore became the exciting beginning of a new chapter in Bridget’s life.

Informed Decision Making

When Bridget* made the decision to move from her cherished family home to retirement living, she found herself at a crossroads. While the home where she had raised her three children held many fond memories, it no longer suited her lifestyle and felt unnecessarily large and empty. Taking an inventory of her current situation and aspirations, Bridget made the decision to move to a village that provided a sense of community, wellbeing and quality of life. The village recommended Classic Moves and so Bridget reached out for assistance. After her initial call, Bridget felt relieved that Classic Moves would handle the process while empowering her to retain the freedom to choose her level of involvement—a key factor for her desire for independence and self-direction in this new chapter of her life.

Classic Moves team member, Cecilia, organises Bridget’s new kitchen

Comprehensive Preparation

The first step was for a dedicated relocation specialist to visit Bridget’s home to assess her needs and craft a detailed relocation plan. Bridget was relieved to delegate most of the tedious, heavy work, but wanted to take charge of the unpacking process herself. Her primary concern was the sheer volume of possessions accumulated over the years. Recognising her emotional attachment to many of her belongings, Bridget wanted to retain a sense of home without feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Working closely with her relocation specialist, Annette, they agreed upon the goal of reducing her personal possessions by around 80% by categorising them into four groups: those designated for relocation, those to be sold at auction, items to be donated and items to be disposed of. Bridget understood the importance of keeping sentimental items for familiarity and continuity, but found it surprisingly refreshing to part with possessions that lacked personal value, occupied too much space or could be enjoyed by new owners.  

“The process was actually quite therapeutic in that it helped me to move on to a new chapter in my life. Letting go of possessions that no longer served me was surprisingly liberating!”

Smooth Move

On the day of the move, Bridget’s worries were eased by the efficient and careful work of the relocation team. Fragile items were packed with utmost care, particularly a collection of heirloom glassware with special family significance. As Bridget’s new apartment was on an upper level of a large complex in an inner suburb of Melbourne, her relocation team had already co-ordinated with Village Management to prepare for her arrival. A floorplan of the apartment had allowed Bridget and the team to plan for furniture placement. Facilities such as parking and access, elevators and loading areas were noted, as well as any issues to be managed.

Adapting to change

Although Bridget had initially declined help with unpacking, she found herself overwhelmed by the process and reached out to the Classic Moves team, who promptly arrived to lend a hand. They efficiently unpacked boxes, connected appliances and removed all packing materials. With the cupboards filled, beds made and kitchen organised, Bridget was ready to make herself a cuppa and enjoy her new home!

Final Thoughts

Bridget’s story highlights the benefits of seeking professional help when transitioning into retirement living. Through tailored, professional care and a commitment to providing a full end-to-end service, Classic Moves ensured Bridget’s move to retirement living was a seamless and rewarding process.

“Contacting Classic Moves was the best decision I made for my move. Their caring approach saved me time, stress, and countless headaches. From packing to unpacking, they handled every detail with care, allowing me to focus on starting a new chapter in my life!”

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.