Relocation Specialist team

Moving can be stressful at the best of times. Our experienced relocation specialist team in Melbourne will help put your mind at ease.

By your side before, during and after your move, our caring and dedicated team will help you make a smooth transition in to aged living or your new home.

A professional relocation service manages your move from start to finish to make your move just that little bit easier.

The Classic Moves team will compassionately and sensitively work with you to ensure your move is as smooth and convenient as possible.

Home Relocation Services

No matter what home relocation services you require, we pride ourselves in helping you make a smooth move

We’ll visit to assess your requirements – free of charge with no obligation

For most people the hardest part is “where do I start?”. Your Relocation Specialist will come to your home to discuss your requirements and develop the most suitable relocation plan. We have a team of specialists available in the Melbourne area and will usually be able to schedule a time to meet within a couple of days. If you are outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area call us for information about our regional Victoria visit schedule.

A written proposal within 24 hours of the visit

We’ll always give you some choices about how to move forward with your relocation services, and your proposal will be inclusive of all costs and services to achieve your objectives. If you or your family members would like to be involved in some of the work, that’s fine by us or you can leave it totally up to the Classic Moves and Abbeys teams. You can choose how you’d like to work with us.

home relocation services team

7 day phone advice service

We know there is a lot to think about when moving house and sometimes you’ll have a question or thought that you need input on straight away. We are available to take your call any day of the week (including weekends and public holidays) to discuss your relocation assistance and we’ll also pro-actively keep you up to date with arrangements as your job progresses.

De-cluttering before Downsizing

Most clients ask us “what do we do with the things that we don’t want to take with us, or won’t fit into our new home?” Your Relocation Specialist will work with you to ensure that you will fit comfortably into your new home, and make a plan for what is left behind. We can deliver items to family members, arrange goods to be sold at auction, reused by others through a charity donation or responsibly disposed of.

Preparation, packing and moving

We will carefully pack your possessions and arrange for them to be transported to your new home.   We help to ensure your furniture fits, preventing any unnecessary hiccups on moving day, by measuring your furniture ahead of time, to ensure it fits perfectly in your new home.

Once we arrive at your new location, everything will be unpacked into the cupboards, appliances will be connected and even the beds made and boxes removed so that your first night in your new home is a happy and relaxing one.

If required, our relocation consultants can also manage all communication with suppliers and stakeholders. We will confirm your settlement dates and times and communicate the date and time of your move. Trust us for your home relocation services in Melbourne.

Phone support and post-move adjustments

Once you’re settled we will come back to re-arrange furniture, adjust cupboards or take away any items that you no longer need. We’ll also be available on the phone to help with any questions that may arise.

Who uses Classic Moves for Relocation Services?

  • Busy professionals

  • Seniors requiring a move into Aged Care, or move from one facility to another

  • Retirees looking to downsize / move into independent living communities

  • People wanting a superior moving experience

To find out more about our relocation services, please call Classic Moves on 1300 738 035 to talk to our friendly team or enquire online – we are available to take your call 7 days a week.